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Divergence Hat PDF Pattern, English
Divergence Hat PDF Pattern, English

Divergence Hat PDF Pattern, English

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NOTE: This is a digital pattern download in English.

Sometimes we travel comfortably along parallel paths,

keeping our individuality, while still walking the same way. 

At other times we get close for a brief moment,

only to go right off in another direction. 

And then there are the intense entanglements,

so jumbled together that it is impossible to know which way is up or down,

whether time goes fast or slow, or if you are you or you are them.

Maybe the best option is to put a pin in it and move along. 

A generous estimate of yarn required:
S (child): 120m
M (adult): 145m
L (adult): 170m

This pattern is quite easy to adjust in size due to its 16-stitch pattern which easily takes you up or down a notch. There are two different crown decrease options which allow for variation in terms of how dramatically the crown dimishes in circumference. The pattern also contains instructions for a fold-up brim and for making it more slouchy.